How to Decorate a Wooden Side Gate

Most people decorate a wooden side gate by drawing a decorative edge or using a jigsaw to cut out a pattern. Other decorative markers may be an imprint of the owner’s last name or a decorative curve. They can be as simple as an arc across the top of the fence, or they can get fancy. If you’re a woodworker, you may want to consider using Iroko or ledged boards.

ledged gates

Aside from its appearance, a wooden side gate with ledges also adds a functional and aesthetic component to your home. A gate frame is framed by horizontal rails that are ledged at the top and bottom. These rails have a morticed fit into the upright framing and are supported by bracing. The bracing supports the gate and prevents it from warping and leaning inwards. The length of the gate frame should be about 1800mm (6 ft) depending on the look you want.

A gate should be sturdy. Choose one with a sturdy latch, preferably with more than two screws. The latch should be made of stainless steel. Lighter metals will not withstand the abuse. The latch should be strong enough to keep the gate in place. A door with a latch should be secured to the horizontal frame members. For extra strength, you can use hinges that are recessed into the ledge.

To protect a wooden gate from the elements, you can apply clear exterior wood oil. This oil penetrates the wood grain and offers protection against water ingress. It is also beneficial to choose a product with UV filtering properties, as these prevent the wood from greying prematurely. It also adds to the overall appearance of the gate. It is possible to choose a gate with ledges according to your personal needs.

Another common design of a gate is one with a ledge, which is topped with a wooden shelf. Moreover, the ledge is usually fixed to the top edge with a dowel. When constructing a gate, you must always check that the end grain does not soak up any moisture. Water that accumulates on the ledge can cause fungal decay and rot. If you don’t check the wood carefully, it will not hold up under stress.

Denbigh gates

If you are looking for a new wooden side gate for your home, the Denbigh range may be the perfect choice. This gate is made of durable wood and comes with a variety of attractive features. The gate can be made from different materials, including redwood. Redwood is a moderately hard wood with a red-brown heartwood. This wood can match most existing fences. While it requires a little more maintenance than other woods, this material is relatively resistant to weathering. It will require a stain every two years. Its gates are often infused with chemical preservatives, which can help delay the process of weathering.

Drawn tenons

Drawn tenons on a wooden side gate are the simplest way to attach wood to a door. This method involves measuring the width of the door and cutting along the top and bottom parallel lines. Then, use a tenon saw to cut the tenons. Then, sand the edges of the tenons, and if necessary, apply a finish coat.

Mortise and tenon joints are the oldest and most durable type of carpentry joints. The added haunch makes them ideal for constructing a gate. Drawn tenons are typically shorter, and the length of the tenon will determine the width and height of the gate. A wooden side gate should have a minimum of three tenons. To add a third tenon, measure the height of the gate to ensure that the tenons are equal.

Double tenons are another common type. These tenons are double, but have a narrower width than the other two. When used on solid-wood cases, they provide a strong connection between the dividing rail and the side. They also help prevent uneven faces on the timber. A wooden side gate with drawn tenons is a great option for a privacy fence. There are many other reasons to build a wooden side gate.

Haunched tenons on wooden side gates can be used for framed partitions in offices or greenhouses. They are used for thick timber and when the stiles and uprights are rebated, they are also used. They are a common choice for heavy-duty frame assemblies. But be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any unnecessary problems. In this case, you must remove haunching first.


An Iroko wooden side gate is an excellent choice for your home. The timber is a durable hardwood, native to the west coast of Africa, that will last for 500 years or more. This durable wood has a rich copper-brown hue that will naturally resist decay and insect attack. Often used for outdoor gates, iroko can last for many years if cared for properly. To ensure its durability, we recommend applying an Osmo finish.

The redwood heartwood of an Iroko wooden side gate is moderately hard, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use. Its red-brown colour will blend with most existing fences. Due to its high-quality properties, an Iroko wooden side gate will increase the value of your property. The Iroko wood gate can be custom-made to fit your needs, and Village Products works closely with you to develop an exquisite design that will complement your home.

If you would like your Iroko wooden side gate to have a more uniform finish, you can also stain it to bring back its previous glory. Before you stain the wood, you should sand it well and apply primer. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional. The company AES (SCOTLAND) LTD has installed an Iroko wooden side gate for a customer in January 2021. They also hung the gate on Oak posts.

Once the stain has been applied, you’re ready to paint the Iroko wooden side gate. This wood is slightly more expensive than redwood, so it’s important to consider its cost and durability before purchasing. Generally speaking, redwood is a great choice for gates, but if you’re looking for a more modern look, you should choose Iroko. This type of wood is more expensive than softwood, but it will last for decades.


The quality of an Accoya wooden side gate can last for years and is an excellent choice for residential homes. Accoya is the world’s most durable wood, with high dimensional stability and durability. Since the wood does not rot, it also requires no chemical preservatives. In addition, Accoya is highly flexible and durable. It is available in a variety of colors to match the decor of your home.

The wood is naturally resistant to moisture and decay due to acetylation, which lowers its PH. Its dimensional stability and hardness are superior, and it requires less coatings and paints than other woods. Accoya’s durability is backed by its five-year warranty against fungal decay above ground and twenty-five years below. It is also a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, reducing the carbon footprint.

Another advantage of Accoya wood is that it is fully recyclable and reusable. It can be safely burned to create bio-energy or composted to close the carbon cycle. Accoya is also non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Whether you want to protect your home from the elements, Accoya wooden side gates are a great choice. You can rest assured that they will look fantastic for years to come.

The Accoya wood process transforms free hydroxyl groups in wood to acetyl groups. This reduces water absorption in the wood cell walls by 80%. Accoya wood is also highly dimensionally stable, allowing you to reduce the frequency of maintenance of your exterior wooden products. In addition, Accoya wood is odor-free and indigestible to insects.

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